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Virtualized Desktops for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Large enterprises are have been reaping the benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure for years — employees like being able to access their desktops from any device at any time and business like the improved security, manageability and cost-savings of virtual PCs. The benefits of virtualized desktops (VDI) has been out of reach for many SMBs due to the high cost of deployment; however, for SMBs to remain competitive in today’s economic climate, it is essential that business find ways to take advantage of the security, flexibility and myriad of cost-benefits associated with desktop virtualization.

Citrix/Kavisa VDI-in-a-box eliminates over 66% of VDI infrastructure costs and delivers virtual desktops for less than the cost of refreshing your business’ aging PCs. By making the cost of virtual desktops commensurate with the acquisition cost of PCs, VDI-in-a-box generates an immediate return on your investment. This does not even include the ongoing operational savings gained from centrally managed virtual desktops.

Bottom line: If you are starting to think about replacing aging PCs, then you need to start thinking about desktop virtualization.

Join ACE IT Solutions and Citrix for a webinar where they will give you an overview with a live demo of how VDI-in-a-Box eliminates 60% of infrastructure costs to deliver virtual desktops for as little as $260 per desktop. See how you can transform your organization and start saving money while increasing employee mobility.

When: Thursday, October 27 at 1 PM EST
Where: Online – register today at
Space is limited. Please register early.

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Easy Windows 7 Migration Throughout Your Entire Business

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PC Replacement Cycle: Is it Time for a New Computer?

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